Dutch Classical Talent Tour

Dutch Classical Talent Tour
Photo: Marco Borggreve

Nuala was chosen as one of the four finalists in the Dutch Classical Talent Auditions and starting on the 24th of January can be heard with her solo program in twelve different halls throughout the Netherlands. Her program consists of pieces by Britten, Bach, Ortiz, Knigge and Ligeti. But forget the order! Nuala is creating a mosaic and weaves together all separate movements.

‘I aspire with my performance not just to emphasize the cello as a solo instrument but to take the listener on a unique musical journey. Although the works lie in history more than 400 years apart and have their origins in very differing countries, I want to give my audience the opportunity to realise that bridges can be made between worlds we might not have believed could coalesce. I want to invite them to reflect on music of different centuries not in an analytical way but simply by listening to the sounds. I have designed my program like a mosaic in which every piece is completely unique but they all come to life together. Hereby I wish to challenge my audience by leaving behind the traditional concert setting and to be open minded about exploring a new experience.’



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